The personal video memoir

Typically an hour-long interview produces the personal video memoir. This can be enriched with photos,  press-cuttings and more videos to give a documentary effect.
 Regarding the length and the content of the video memoir there are several versions to your own choice.

Have a look into these videoclips, what the "Classic" version looks like:

The Preparation

The person who is the subject of the interview is given a framework to consider.
This includes a questionnaire to fill out in advance of the first meeting with the Memoirs On Camera interviewer, if the client finds this helpful. During this meeting, the interview is sketched out, based on the notes that the person has made, and a suitable location and date for the recording agreed.


The Method

Using a simple, high-quality video-camera, the Memoirs On Camera interviewer asks the client to piece together the story of their life so far.  This conversation aims to place the milestones, and illustrate the person’s journey in between.  Stories, reflections, and convictions make up the very personal account of the subject’s life-experience to date.

The Finished Product

Following the recording of the interview, an edited ‘draft’ (with opening and closing captions) is presented to the client.  After final approval, the USBs (or DVDs) included in the personal package are produced and delivered to the client.

"Overall, it is really an excellent product in technical, visual and communication terms."

Client quotes:

Why your Life Story on Video?

An Ideal Gift for Major Milestones