Alec Taylor has always believed in the importance of recording what he calls "the extraordinary lives of ordinary people".  

He launched MEMOIRS ON CAMERA in 2012 when he recorded his first 60-minute Personal Video Memoir.

Alec draws on the interviewing skills he acquired as a TV presenter and interviewer in London and the UK, in the 70s and 80s.


In recent years, he has recorded Personal Video Memoirs not only in Ireland, but in Germany, Portugal, the UK, and Austria.  

Alec Taylor


Since 2018, Conny Selch has been working closely with Alec Taylor on the production of Personal Video Memoirs, especially on those recorded in Austria.

She now holds a licence with MEMOIRS ON CAMERA to produce the full range of MOC Video Memoirs in Austria.

She also works independently in the areas of photography and video documentation.

Cornelia Selch

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